Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hiatus coming to an end

So, my move to the mitten has severely crippled knitting production at La Femme Monkita world headquarters, now housed in a 2-bedroom bungalow in Ferndale, Mich. I'm hoping by week's end, if not the night's end, to have things at The Manor in some kind of semi-functional state of order. At that point, I think I'll allow myself to pull out my knitting needles once again. I've sold the majority of my coffee cozies (and sadly, I haven't yet made one for myself! What kind of saleswoman am I????)

However, in my breaks from packing (which, according to
Dan took place a little too often) I was able to almost finish Cousin Ryan's Irish colored scarf, made from wool dyed by myself and Jay of Jennifer Joy Creative.

Before the moving chaos began, I was able to finish a scarf for Uncle Scott, whose generosity enabled me to venture into this whole hand dyeing business in the first place. I custom dyed some bulky Blue Faced Leicester wool in shades of chocolate brown, avocado green and mustard yellow, then knit it up in a single rib for him.

I'm ended up really happy with how the colors turned out, as I'm continuing to understand more and more about dye saturation and shades of dyes. I also like how it looks knitted up and it got the seal of approval from Scott, so I guess I can't ask for more than that.

I've got a custom order for a baby blanket for Texas friends and Monkita customers' soon-to-arrive daughter (finally! A girl!), and the colors are such that it may require some more dyeing experiments, so we'll see what happens there! I've got a niece or nephew set to arrive in about 10 weeks as well so I better dust off my needles and get crackin'!

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