Monday, March 10, 2008

Cozying up

I know I've written about the advent of the coffee cozy in my La Femme life. Quite frankly, I was starting to question whether it was a good idea gone bad or just plain not executed correctly or any number of doubts that have crossed my mind.

While I had, in fact, sold one to a Japanese woman who bought some hand dyed yarn, it still didn't strengthen the faith I had in my design and execution. Then, on the same day, two women, in two different cities and states bought one!

Alicia in Springfield, IL bought my yellow one.

And Beth from Canton, MI bought the coral one for her sister-in-law.

La Femme's squeeze, Daniel, got a black one with two bronze buttons on it, and has put it to the test several times. It passed with flying colors.

So, I guess I'll keep making them and see if they catch on!

I've tried out some new designs and colors so look for new varieties soon!

1 comment:

Daniel said...

I can't risk injuring my hands with a scalding cup of crack drink. These hands are delicate instruments... thanks to my Monkita coffee co-z, I won't have to.