Thursday, March 6, 2008

A popular little guy

So, I keep making these knitted coffee cozies, even though I've only sold one. I think they're a good idea and the one person I've given one too uses it daily and loves it (or so she says). I love the instant gratification I get, being able to complete one in a short amount of time and I continue to experiment with colors and styles.

But one, my first, seems to be the most popular, though not yet purchased. My terra cotta colored one, with bronze snap closure, has been viewed more than any other on my Etsy shop.

Because this week refuses to be easy, I still don't have a replacement for my dead laptop and my travel drive isn't being recognized by the computer I'm using. So, I can't even show you a picture of it. But you can find it in my shop HERE (or by scrolling down to my previous post about them...).

I've since bought some cool buttons, I'm still using some of my vintage buttons, and I've done stripes and other things. Why is this one so popular? It had nearly 200 views, then the views got wiped out due to an Etsy server crash a week ago and it's already up to more than 100 views.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining, but why is it that this one gets viewed the most? Just wondering...

1 comment:

Jennifer Joy Creative said...

Its a sweet color and the brass snap looks great with it...maybe folks like it cause its earthy, you know how I love the earthy :).