Monday, October 27, 2008

LFM in full swing!

The winter months are closer than I would like to admit and, although I'm knitting like crazy gearing up for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, I'm also posting my new items to my Etsy shop.

So, here's a look at a few of the new items I've created lately, as well as a couple of my mascot, Tobias. While I usually try to keep my yarn and my items free from the cat hair that surrounds me, I just couldn't resist this on Saturday, when he went to great lengths to try to weasel his way onto the couch with us.

Friday, October 24, 2008

New hoodies from JJC!

Jennifer Joy Creative has just added four new tops to her Web site and they are AMAZING, so I felt the need to post immediately.

Go check out her Web site. She posts items here for her mailing list members the day before she posts them to her Esty shop, just so her list gets first dibs -- her stuff usually goes pretty fast.

She's got a bunch of cool accessories, skirts and hand spun and dyed yarn too, so check it all out.

I'm so excited that I get to peddle my La Femme Monkita wares with her in a couple of weeks (yikes!) at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair Nov. 15.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Less than a month!

It's now less than a month until the Detroit Urban Craft Fair and I'm trying to get as many items as possible finished before then -- Nov. 15 and 16.

In recent days I've finished a new scarflette that's one of my favorite things ever -- made in a checkerboard design of teal and black with vintage sequin buttons. And, I whipped up a coffee cozy (and sold one so it kind of replaced that!).

I post them to my Etsy shop, assuming they won't sell before hand, but maybe I should start hanging onto some things.

Oh, who am I kidding. I just want them to find good homes -- I don't care whether that's through my house or the fair!

Here are a couple of pics of some of my new stuff!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Den Herder Design gives LFM a shout out

Jesse Den Herder of Den Herder Design posted a little shout out to La Femme Monkita on his blog, Working Class Designer.

Jesse designed all of La Femme Monkita's hang tags and business cards, working from the design of the banner on the LFM Etsy shop, created by graphic designer Brooke Clark.

Many thanks to Jesse, who is working on some amazing stuff of his own, so check out his blog!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Criminal granny gets sentenced to knit

Now, this is a punishment I think I could handle.

Read about it HERE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gearing up for the big show!

Just thought I would give a little update on all things La Femme Monkita.

I just finished the custom Manchester United blanket for Liz and Tony in Chicago. Their little one is due in a few weeks and Tony's birthday is this week, so Liz wanted to surprise her Irishman with a baby gift that's actually geared toward him. It should arrive in Chicago today, so I hope they like it!

Other than that, I'm just gearing up big time for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair.

Because I finished the MU blanket, I'm now setting out to knit as much as is humanly possible in the next six weeks so I actually have something to sell! Fingers crossed...

I sold my Michigan scarf yesterday to my friend Amanda Jo, who's preparing for a long, cold Boston winter, but that means I need to make another one for the show -- or at least I would like to. (You can see it in my sold items in my Etsy shop under sold items -- for some reason it's not letting me link straight to it).

That's about it! We're just trying to think of everything we can to have fun and have an inviting table. My booth partner and one of my best friends, Jay, is doing her best to get everything ready for her Jennifer Joy Creative line of hand dyed and handmade clothing, accessories and hand dyed and hand spun yarn. She even figured out a way for us to be able to accept credit cards, so that's pretty cool.

Hope to see lots of people out at the show!

La Femme Monkita