Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Island knitting

I'm away nannying for my sister on her family vacation this week. I may be inside while the kids nap, knitting away, but the view is gorgeous.

Check out some knew colorful cozies I have been making!

These guys keep me entertained while I work away.

Up next is a benenfit show next Friday -- December 19th -- at the Magic Stick. I will be one of a handful of vendors offering last minute Christmas gifts. TOns of good bands are playing that night, all to benefit C.O.T.S. -- the Coalition on Temporary Shelter.

Check out a list of bands on the flyer below!

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Comfortably Lovely said...

I am very jealous of your warm weather trip. Can't wait to meet you! By the way, I started a blog. Mostly, I just write really long rants and then delete them. :)