Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our cozy little muse.

The cozies all started with LFM friend Natasha, who has left the fair Midwest to kick it in L.A. Before I could manage to make her, her very own complimentary coffee cozy, she managed to buy one!

And now, I've got proof that she's actually using it! Most people think they're purely for protecting your hands from the scalding hot coffee baristas everywhere serve each day. But Natasha's not those people (not always, anyway).

Natasha's a smart lady, and she knows how to keep her Bud cold when she's outside whooping it up at yet another music festival. Check it out! (Though due to her I-will-not-drop-this-delicious-Budweiser death grip, visibility is limited....).

Thanks, Prada!

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Daniel said...

My c--- is essential at this point.