Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Brainerd's blanket

Yet another blanket is done and gone -- it should be arriving in Maine and soon (hopefully! Eight days until due date!) will be snuggling up to Erin and Alec's baby girl.

Here are a few shots, to be updated when I receive pictures of the little one modeling it.

Now I'm well on my way to yet another blanket. I've got about 4 weeks to complete it. I'm excited about it, because I'm trying something new that hopefully will be appealing to buyers, and something that I can spread to my scarves, etc.

I can't say too much about it now, since it is a gift and I don't want to give it away should mom and dad make their way onto the blog and figure it out.

I decided to time myself for this one. See just how long these things take me and just how much I'm "paying" myself an hour. I'm about 5 hours in and I've completed about 1/15 of the blanket. which probably means I'm ultimately paying myself about 20 cents an hour. But, we'll see.

Stay tuned!

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