Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's go time.

I'm sitting at my sister's house, waiting to become an aunt for the second time, while my nephew sleeps soundly upstairs.

Of course, I just jinxed myself and as soon as I typed that he started mumbling. Hopefully this will pass.

Clearly, this is very exciting for me. I lived in Chicago when Lucas was born and I feel like he's finally getting to know who I am and feel a little more comfortable with me, after 2 1/2 years of seeing him every couple of months for maybe a day.

The only problem with this? My dear niece or nephew was not due to arrive for about 10 more days. And Aunt Kirsten just started his or her blanket two days ago.

I've gotten about this far:

And I likely won't get too much farther tonight. My new goal -- by mid-June this baby will have his or her very own La Femme Monkita blanket, matching the colors in the nursery -- something Lucas never got because I hadn't yet learned how to knit. (Though he did get a big ol' blanket for his first birthday).

The good news? I was able to move on to this blanket because the blanket I was hired to make for Joy and Mike (and baby Lila due in a matter of days) is finished! Thanks to a very, very long road trip to North Carolina last weekend, I was able to finish the blanket about two hours before we arrived back in Detroit on Sunday night.

This was what I did for 3 days:

You can see the finished blanket in my Etsy shop.

I better get to knitting this blanket!

The Ill-Prepared Aunt

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